PureDrop is an all-in-one herbal extraction system that revolutionizes the extraction process. Its unique capsule-based extraction method allows users to create versatile, high-quality, and all-natural extractions at the push of a button.

PureDrop’s innovative, patent-protected extraction technology maximizes the full potential of herbal and terpene extractions. The system enables users to create custom extracts that suit their chosen applications and personal preferences.

PureDrop is capable of extracting from a variety of herbs and botanicals. We are currently working on an extraction recipe database that gets larger by the day, thanks to dedicated community contributors and staff researchers.

Typical extractions can take up to 90 seconds. This time may vary depending on the chosen herbs, strain, and quality of your starting material.

PureDrop offers 3 primary programs that you can select. These programs are:

Extract - A crude oil that is best for vaping

Infuse - A pure oil mixed with 100% MCT oil, best for baking and cooking.

Activate - A ready for consumption, pure decarboxylated oil mixed with 100% MCT oil.

PureDrop takes approximately 10 - 20 minutes to activate your chosen botanicals.
This time may vary depending on your selected herbs and humidity. Unlike comparable products on the market, PureDrop automatically activates your herbs without tiresome prep-work and constant user intervention.

No. PureDrop extractions are 100% solventless. The system is all-in-one and includes activation (decarboxylation) and mixing modes that prepare your herbs for the desired use.

PureDrop offers 3 primary programs that you can select from. These programs are:

Extract - 100% natural solventless extraction that’s best for vaping.

Infuse - 100% natural solventless oil mixed with organic MCT oil, best for baking and cooking.

Activate - A ready-for-consumption, pure decarboxylated oil mixed with organic MCT oil.

PureDrop carrier oils utilize all-natural, food-grade MCT oil. We are currently working on other all-natural alternative formulations that enable users to include PureDrop extracts in almost anything!

PureDrop’s capsule capacity is approximately 0.35oz of raw material. This machine can produce potencies of more than 80% cannabinoids while extracting the maximum amount of terpenes and flavonoids from your original botanicals. Your potency may vary based on the quality of your starting materials.

PureDrop includes a built-in locking mechanism that keeps your capsule secured throughout the entire extraction process. This prevents unsafe lid openings and accidental spillage during use. The machine also includes dedicated ventilation points for optimal air-flow and faster cooling of the collection cup.PureDrop operates according to international regulations that ensure quality and safe-handling.

We are currently working on a useful Dosage Calculator which will be uploaded to our community blog. This tool will help users better calculate dosages in a fast, easy and efficient way.

With your purchase- You will receive:

●  The PureDrop Original

●  Pod Maker Device

●  Six Pure Pods and Six Vials of Carrier Oil (100% MCT Oil) for Infusion 

●  Easy Start User Manual

Maintenance & Technical Specs

PureDrop was specifically designed to minimize user-maintenance while maximizing ease-of-use. Users will need to discharge the used capsule from the top-lid after each use. There may be some negligible extract residues found during this process.

PureDrop can plug into standard 110v/220v wall sockets. This may vary by location.

PureDrop includes an automatic safety shutoff feature.

Purchase & Logistics

YourPureDrop purchase includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

You may cancel the Pre-Order at any time prior to shipment by emailing us at Return orders will be refunded any amounts paid for the product. 

Once PureDrop is offered for general sale, Green Point may accept your offer to purchase products subject to these purchase terms. At that time, Green Point will bill you for any additional fees applicable to such purchase.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping fees are included for mainland-USA purchases only (this excludes Alaska and Hawaii). Shipping charges for other areas will be calculated based on your respective location. All payments will be collected prior to shipping.

PureDrop presently ships exclusively within the USA. We are currently working on distribution partnerships to process and ship international orders worldwide. If you’re interested in becoming an international distributor, please contact us via email at:

We are currently open for pre-orders only.

Special edition pre-sales are expected to ship by Summer 2023.