The Infusion Confusion

The Infusion Confusion

Great edible infusions begin with the extraction phase. Extraction is the process of separating desired compounds from their organic source material. The best extracts provide chefs with purity, high-quality and control when infusing their favorite foods and beverages. 

Extractions can also be messy, time-consuming and difficult to produce--no matter your skill-level or expertise. Even the most experienced chefs can find themselves losing money, time and quality when extracting by traditional means. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. 

Everything really begins with a single question: “To decarb or not to decarb?”

What is “Decarb”?

Decarb (short for decarboxylation or “decarbing” ) is the process of applying heat to your botanicals in order to activate their pharmacological compounds.

The activated organic compound can then be extracted and used for its intended effects.

Decarbing is one of the most important processes when making edibles, tinctures, and other orally consumed goods.

When Not to Decarb?

Depending on your usage and preference, decarb may not be necessary. The decarbing process is generally employed when an extract is intended for edibles, infusions and other oral consumption methods. Some products that may not require decarbing include fragrances, lotions and other topicals. 

No matter your intended use, it’s important to maintain the purity of your botanicals throughout the extraction process. This guarantees the highest-quality infusion possible.

Maintaining the Purity of Botanicals

The best infusions have one thing in common: a pure extract. ‘Pure’ (in this context) simply means that the finished product is optimally extracted. Safe and healthy extractions leave your finished product free of the harmful substances found in low quality, solvent-extracts. Concern for these toxic chemicals is the primary reason that most consumers prefer solventless extractions and clean carrier bases like MCT oil.

Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oils are a type of organic fat commonly derived from coconut, almond, grapeseed, olive and palm oils. MCT oils have gained popularity in recent years due to their many health benefits. These organic oils are known to promote weight loss, increase hydration, aid bodily healing and improve brain function. 

Additionally, MCT oils are colorless, odorless, chemical-free, and have an optimal fat content to act as a base for essential oils. These qualities make it the perfect carrier for your herbal extracts, particularly when preparing edible infusions. Most are 100% organic and 100% chemical-free.


Fortunately, there are safe alternatives to the “the old ways'' but these can be costly, time-consuming, overcomplicated and frustrating.

If you’re planning to infuse your own foods and beverages, you won’t just need to navigate the complex systems and multitude of steps. You’ll also need to learn and master the process, perfect your timing, and endure a few hard lessons before you truly get it right.

But what if there was a simpler way? What if you could accomplish all of the above with the simple touch of a button?

PureDrop Revolutionizes the Infusion Game

PureDrop is an all-in-one, compact herbal extraction system that revolutionizes the extraction and infusion process. Now anyone can craft high-quality extracts and custom infusions from the comfort of home with ease.

Simply choose your desired herb or flower, place it in the designated pod, and select your setting. That’s all there is to it. Activate, extract, and infuse all with one easy to use extraction device. 

Looking for a clean extraction that elevates your favorite foods and beverages? This is a cinch with PureDrop’s activation (i.e. decarb) capabilities. 

Want to spice up your favorite pasta or salad? PureDrop has a 90-second extraction time. PureDrop extractions are solventless, all-natural and designed for maximum preservation of your herb’s components. 

Baking or cooking up something delicious to go with that sauce? PureDrop carries a variety of high-quality MCT carrier oils that keep you creative and in control. The dilution process only takes a few minutes and uses a contactless stirring method to ensure the highest quality extraction possible.
PureDrop can easily create concentrates for all of your favorite meals, to-go snacks and beverages, including: hot or cold coffee, smoothies, gummies, chocolates, brownies and even ice-cream!

Pre-order yours now to join the infusion revolution today!

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