The Perfect Extraction

The Perfect Extraction

Herbal extraction and infusion can be daunting tasks. If you’re new to the infusion process, or just looking to brush up on some basics, check out this quick guide to get you started.

What is herbal extraction? 

Herbal extraction is an ancient process that has been around for thousands of years. Cultivators and scientists throughout history have utilized the resulting botanical extracts for their elevating properties and medicinal effects. Some common uses also include herbal and aromatherapy, fragrances, food flavorings, beverages, and topicals. 

The primary purpose of herbal extraction is to separate desired compounds from their organic source material (plants). When done correctly, this results in a highly concentrated and potent botanical extract that can be customized for a variety of applications.

What is the best herbal extraction method?

Popular extraction methods include solvent extractions like ethanol, carbon dioxide, butane and propane-based processes. These methods are time-consuming and often require additional steps to make a usable product. Solvent extraction can also be dangerous, as most solvents are highly flammable and require closely monitored laboratory conditions.

Extraction can also be done using mechanical separation methods such as press or filtration. These mechanical extractions can produce herbal extracts with high percentages of terpenes and flavonoids sourced from the original plant. These processes often require carrier oils.

What are carrier oils?

Organic carrier oils are known to give consumers far-reaching use-versatility, in addition to providing consistently cleaner, purer, and more potent extractions when compared to existing methods on the market. The best carrier oils (also known as “base oils”) are the byproduct of organic plant materials. These oils are used to dilute essential oils and act as a “carrier” for your extract. 

Due to rising demand for clean, pure, chemical-free products, many users have flocked toward heat-based DIY-methods, solvent-free extractions and organic carrier oils. Though these methods are ideal for quality, purity and versatility, the processes can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive by traditional means.

Are herbal extractions hard to do?
Many extraction systems are complicated, expensive, and require high levels of area-specific knowledge, large laboratory equipment and a well-regulated environment. Additionally, small missteps can wind up costing consumers thousands of dollars

PureDrop solves this problem.

Why PureDrop?
PureDrop is an all-in-one, compact herbal extraction system that revolutionizes the infusion process. Now anyone can perform high-quality extractions and infusions from the comfort of home. Its unique capsule-based technology allows users to create extractions that are 100% solventless. The system is all-in-one and includes activation (decarboxylation) and mixing modes to prepare your herbs for desired use.

The PureDrop comes pre-programmed with three primary extraction settings that users can select from:

Extract - 100% natural solventless extraction that’s best for vaping.
Infuse - 100% natural solventless oil mixed with organic MCT oil, best for baking and cooking.
Activate - A ready-for-consumption, pure decarboxylated oil mixed with organic MCT oil.

PureDrop carrier oils utilize all-natural, food-grade MCT oil. We are currently working on other all natural alternative formulations that enable users to include PureDrop extracts in almost anything!

One of the secrets to PureDrop’s innovative success are its state-of-the-art Pure Pods.

What are Pure Pods?
The recyclable .35oz Pure Pods are crafted from food-grade aluminum, 100% chemical-free, and uniquely designed to provide the cleanest extractions possible. The pods utilize a proprietary filtration system that allows for clean and pure solventless extractions. It’s the purefect piece that ties everything together.

To begin, simply add your pod and dilution liquid to their designated slots into the PureDrop Original. Then, select your preference from extract, infuse, and activate. Next, let the machine work its magic. Finally, remove your fresh extract and enjoy! 

Our Pod Maker even allows you to create your very own custom pods from your favorite herbs. No mess. No clean-up. No problem. 

Activate, extract, and infuse all in one. That’s the power of PureDrop.

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