One Machine, Limitless Possibilities

One Machine, Limitless Possibilities

Crafting pure herbal extracts and high-quality infusions can be a hassle. Even with the most advanced systems available, users may find themselves dealing with oversized machinery, messy overcomplicated processes, and expensive ancillary equipment. This can make herbal extractions nearly impossible for the novice to do well on their own. 

Look what we’ve been missing out on!


Dabs” are concentrated cannabis extracts available in a variety of forms and textures. These include glassy shatters, crumb-like waxes, and sticky semi-liquids–made by using heat to extract the pure essence of the cannabis plant. These waxes can be enjoyed via dab-rigs, electronic vape pens, and dedicated accessories meant solely for these concentrates. 

Dabbing involves heating the concentrate to extreme temperatures (between 400-600 °F) to create a vapor that users can inhale. By comparison, enjoying cannabis in the traditional way burns at a significantly lower temperature. Crafting these concentrates from home is also notoriously difficult–even with years of experience.


Another popular alternative to traditional cannabis consumption (arguably, the most) is heating the liquid concentrate and inhaling the resulting vapor. This is normally done via an e-cigarette or vaporizer. Similar to dabs, these vape concentrates use heat to convert the extract into a thinned liquid that can be smoked. 

Unlike dabs, vape concentrates take a primarily gel-like liquid form. The liquid consistency of these concentrates make the extract much easier to manage and tailor to a given user's specific needs and preferences. However, crafting these concentrates traditionally involves a series of potentially dangerous steps.  

Edible Infusions

A favorite among the cannabis community, edible infusions can include your favorite foods, drinks, snacks and desserts. Unlike concentrates, the edible infusion process does not require dedicated tools, accessories or special equipment to complete. You might even have all the tools you need in your kitchen right now.

Despite this, infusing your favorite snacks, foods and drinks can be a gamble to properly dose–leaving users with very little control of their overall experience. Even the most sophisticated machines can’t keep things simple while maintaining the quality of your flower.

Additionally traditional extraction and edible infusion methods can be costly, time-consuming, and downright frustrating. Due to this, crafting high-quality extracts and infusions has been a privilege primarily afforded to large corporations and select consumers.  

Until now!

PureDrop is a convenient home extraction and infusion solution!

PureDrop is an all-in-one herbal extraction system that revolutionizes the extraction process. Its unique capsule-based extraction method allows users to create versatile, high-quality, and all-natural extractions at the convenient push of a button.

PureDrop’s innovative, patent-protected extraction technology maximizes the full potential of herbal and terpene extractions, without the headache of traditional means. The sleek system enables users to create custom extracts that suit their chosen applications and preferences.

PureDrop is also easy to use!

PureDrop is designed to simplify every step of the extraction and infusion process, while providing you with the quality, variety and power you crave. This convenient and compact kitchen appliance features a user-friendly interface and interactive, high-definition LED screen. 

From the home menu, users can select from 3 primary extraction programs. 

  1. Extract - A crude oil that is best for vaping
  2. Infuse - A pure oil mixed with 100% MCT oil, best for baking and cooking.
  3. Activate - A ready for consumption, pure decarboxylated oil mixed with 100% MCT oil. 

To begin, simply select your preferred flower, place it in the pod, and set your preferences for the perfect custom blend. No mess. No clean up. No problem.

PureDrop extractions are solventless and utilize organic MCT carrier oils. These oils help to ensure all extractions are pure, chemical-free, and optimized for purity versatility. 

We are currently working on other all-natural alternatives that enable users to include PureDrop extracts in almost anything!

Join the infusion revolution today!
We are currently open for all pre-orders! Special edition pre-sales are expected to ship by Summer 2023. PureDrop ships exclusively within the USA. We are working on distribution partnerships to process and ship international orders worldwide.

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